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Hello Founder

Here's what to expect when you're entrepreneuring

Executive Coaching for Founders, Entrepreneurs

& their Leadership Teams

Armed with a holistic lens, the latest research in entrepreneurship, and experience as an owner / operator in dozens of companies, Dr. Ensign teaches founders, entrepreneurs and their teams ways to reduce their cognitive load by streamlining business strategy, upleveling leadership skills, staying well, and celebrating wins. In over two decades of coaching, she has learned that businesses are only as healthy as their leaders.

Trial and error can be expensive and frustrating. Burnout is commonplace in entrepreneurship. Enjoy your entrepreneurial journey over the long haul with a collaborative thought partner.

Open For Business

If you are considering starting a business or would like to develop true growth strategies, this session is for you. Tap into over 20 years of Dr. Ensign's entrepreneurial experience including being an owner / operator in more than a dozen companies and founding three businesses herself.

Big or small, local or global, manufacturing or service industries...get clear on your next steps with this initial consultation. The price of this session can be applied to a coaching package.

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From entrepreneurs who have worked with Dr. Ensign
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After attending one of Dr. Ensign's webinars, I began to "know what I didn't know" about being a small business owner.


I had no formal business classes or degrees and no desire to go back to school. Working with Tonya was like getting a modern & more efficient version of an MBA.


What makes Tonya different is that she works with her clients personally and really gets to know them. Then she creates create a custom consulting strategy that saves her clients time and money and  pays for itself many times over.

-  Start up Founder (client)

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I worked with Tonya to start a business from scratch and ended up continuing with her for about two years. Her ability to translate business concepts into actions I could understand and do myself was invaluable. It was one of the best investments I have made.

-  Start up Founder (client)

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Tonya is a wealth of knowledge in operations, in marketing, in finance, and psychology. Each time we meet, I learn so much from her.

What makes Tonya that she has gotten to know me at a very deep level and she has helped me to know myself even better.


With this knowledge, she helps me align my business with my natural style, natural temperament, my strengths, and my values...and her insights bring me clarity at every turn.

If you're an entrepreneur, I encourage you to book a session with Tonya. You'll be so glad you did.

-  Start up Founder (client)

You are not here by accident.

Now is the time.

Invest in yourself today.


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