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Dear Friends,

If you've landed on my website, it's likely I've walked in your shoes...


One Truth, Many Paths: Hiking the Colorado Trail

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In 1996, I took a big risk and transitioned from a corporate executive to entrepreneur. At the time, I had a newborn daughter, a nine-month old son, and a new mortgage on a house we just built in Scottsdale, Arizona. This was one of the most transformative seasons of my life.


Since then, I have served as an investor/owner/operator in more than a dozen companies...through the excitement of "back of the napkin" start-ups to working in the trenches during the growing pains of funding rounds and scaling to navigating the transitions that come with three multinational acquisitions and a variety of other exits.

I have also started four more companies and a non-profit organization myself...I truly love entrepreneurship! We got lucky and things worked out, we paid off the house, moved to Colorado, and the kids are all grown and working with us in family businesses now.

As a life long learner, I have researched, learned, and taught in the fields of adult learning and leadership, and also lived these roles first hand as an executive at Honeywell, an executive coach and the founder of my own consulting practice, and a professor in higher ed.


I understand many of your pain points because I have lived them myself and have supported thousands of leaders navigate similar situations.


For example, I  understand how challenging it can be to prioritize your own health and wellbeing when you're stretched in so many directions. I am an expert at the intersection of leadership and wellbeing - I can help you put your own oxygen mask on first.

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PhD Graduation Ceremony

with my Chair, Dr. Paul Sparks

 If you are a professional who has returned to school to earn an advanced degree while working, I understand the cognitive load you're carrying. I waited until my youngest child left for college and then went back to school to earn my PhD. I completed my doctorate degree while working full time.

Now, most of my consulting work is with leaders who are working while earning their doctorate degrees. I combine executive coaching skills, research skills, and my experience as a professor and doctoral chair to assist students with finishing their research so they can graduate.


Upon graduation, doctoral students often want a promotion, or they want to jump career tracks, and/or they want to start a consultancy practice. I have transitioned from corporate executive to entrepreneur to consultant to university professor with each season building on and becoming part of the next. I can help you connect your dots and make your next move with confidence.

Let's work together to ensure you complete your degree and ensure your research and the letters behind your name are aligned with your life goals and career path.

Dr. Ensign is currently available for:

  • Executive Coaching for Doctoral Students

  • Research collaboration

  • Visiting Professor roles

  • Expert inquiries for program and curriculum development or public speaking

    • Leadership, Global Leadership, DEI as it relates to Culture

    • Transformative Learning, Adult Learning

    • Change

    • Research and Research Methods

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Wellbeing including Nutrition, Yoga, and Breathwork

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