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Hello Leader

Let's move forward with self-mastery & intentionally create a career path and life doing what you're good at and love to do!

It is time to put two decades of
executive coaching, teaching, research,

and entrepreneurial experience to work for you.

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Today's leaders face more complexity than ever before. As National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, a professor of global leadership and change and a practicing Certified Excecutive Coach since 2007, Dr. Ensign draws on her own and others' research to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based frameworks to help you lead yourself and otherrs more effectively, inclusively, and holistically.

The price of this session can be applied to a coaching engagement with you or your organization.

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In a time when anyone can claim to be an "expert," incorporating research into your coaching or consulting practice is an essential differentiator.  Add new coaching frameworks to your practice and give your brand a refresh in just 45 days; or, design your own research study so you can coach with solid data.
eLabs are delivered in a hands-on, experiential learning format (remember your bio lab in high school?) for those who like to learn by doing. Emerge with evidence-based frameworks or a study design that you can begin using right away.
Based on Dr. Ensign's
Harvard's Institute of Coaching
  • Small group format of (6) people or less to ensure time for your topic of interest

  • Weekly (90) minute working sessions for 6 weeks provide just-in-time resources and accountability

  • Expand your professional network and gain a new community of practice

  • $500 deposit and application to reserve a space in the next Coach as Scientist Lab

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Whether you are a leader who is taking on new responsibilities, a seasoned professional who would like to jump career tracks, or a new college graduate looking to launch your career, a 90 minute  session with Dr. Ensign can help you gain clarity on your next steps.

You will not only gain immediate value in this session, but you'll also have the option of applying the cost of the session toward a coaching package with Dr. Ensign.

You are not here by accident.

Now is the time.

Invest in yourself today.


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