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Current Business Ventures & Non Profit Organizations

Investor, Board member, Founder, and/or Operator Roles

Leland House-Transparent.png

Leland House Suites of Durango (Durango, CO)

An upscale, family-owned, boutique inn located in the trendy Second Avenue District of Durango, CO offering eleven suites and your home away from home. Live, work, and play like a local at Leland House.

Lola's Place Final Logo.jpg

Lola's Place (Durango, CO)

A community gathering spot that provides healthy food, beverages and beautiful event space for Durango locals, visitors to Durango, and guests of the Leland House Suites.


PineSpire, LLC (Durango, CO)

PineSpire provides unmatched total solutions in the energy & sustainability spaces. PineSpire is focused on helping our customers lead the charge in low carbon fuels through vehicle electrification and the data behind it.

XpertDox Square.png

XpertDox (Birmingham, AL)

XpertDox is a software company on a mission to disrupt the medical coding process through a proprietary software product called XpertCoding. XpertCoding is an AI-powered medical coding software that automates the coding process.

Logo and name.png

The Transformative Learning Center, LLC (Durango, CO)

The TLC is a place where research meets practice in the areas of leadership, wellbeing and transformative change.

2022.10.31 Logo - Braeburn, Inc..png

Braeburn, Inc. (Durango, CO and West Java/Borneo, Indonesia)

A not-for-profit organization partnering with a family from a remote village in Indonesia (about 70 people) to equip them with the education, life skills, and social capital necessary to move toward economic self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.

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