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Piles of Books
Piles of Books

The Transformative Learning Center

Resources for Leadership, Change, and Wellbeing

Is it your time to

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"Transformational change is unlike other types of change, such as changing a habit that might revert back to old ways. Transformational change is deep and pervasive. It is lasting and a caterpillar changing to a butterfly. Reverting to an earlier form would require another transformation."

~ Dr. Ensign

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Small group coaching providing a community of practice, just-in-time resources, feedback, and accountability.

Want to nail down your research topic or write your QP or Proposal?

Are you struggling to get started, make progress or finish?

If so, this hands-on, community of practice will give you traction

  • Small cohorts that evolve into lasting communities of practice

  • Not a canned program - instead, personalized focus on your research

  • Accountability buddies

  • Bite-size, digestible resources to help you move forward

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